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Importance of Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the foundation upon which your online success is built. With our technical team ensure that search engines can easily crawl, index and rank your pages. Our tech wizards improve your site structure, performance and code to magnify search visibility. 

  • We make your website not only perform flawlessly, but also take off search engine ranks. 
  • We ensure that your website attracts potential customers to your digital doorstep via organic traffic. 

We understand that technical improvements on a website may seem complex or overwhelming. But our team of experts has deep knowledge and tools to optimize your website for better speed and great user experience.

  • We analyze your website structure, fix broken links, optimize sitemaps, and add schema markup to increase ctr.
  • Our ongoing tracking and SEO services ensures that remains on top of the ever-evolving SEO landscape.

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Improve Your
Technical SEO

Our attention to details make your website functional but exceptional. We optimize server configurations, improving security protocols and making your site user-friendliness. We focus on core web vitals to ensure your site loads swiftly, which provides optimal user experience for mobile and desktop users. We are commited that your website consistently ranks higher and provides seamless experience to your audience.  Today, search engines have evolved and  we ramin ahead of the industry updates by constantly adopting changes that gurantee results.

We make sure your website looks perfect on the mobile phone because google first indexes mobile version of your website. Therefore, making your website mobile friendliness is one of our core strategies. We go extra miles to transform your digital store into high performing asset for your business.

Technical SEO

Every second your website delays to load, you are losing valuable leads. To improve the performance of your website and capture leads with the technical SEO service of Ideal Marketing.

Importance of Technical SEO

Tech SEO is one of the most important factors in SEO. Technical SEO ensures your website content is crawled, indexed and ranked without technical problems. The main goal of technical-SEO is to analyze your website and determine which areas need improvements for a seamless user experience.

Today, users need quick results, and search engines have evolved and become sophisticated. According to a report by Statista, there are about 6.92 billion smartphone users worldwide. About 85.88% of the world’s population is using smartphones. This massive mobile phone usage has led search engines like Google and Bing to launch new algorithm updates emphasizing site speed and mobile user experience.

Google can penalize your website if your site has the following technical issues:

  • High page loading time
  • Mobile Non-friendliness
  • 404 Errors
  • Improper structured Data
  • Other technical errors

Strategies: Tech SEO Experts’ use

At Ideal Marketing, we have experts who can optimize your website for better speed, great user experience and, eventually, more leads. Here are some of the optimizations we do on your website:


Sitemap serve as a navigational map of your website for search engines. XML sitemap helps search engines locate the most important pages on your website. At the same time, an HTML sitemap helps users navigate your site easily and helps crawlers to help pages crawl.

Mobile Friendliness:

With Seven billion mobile users worldwide, mobile friendliness has become one of the most important factors for crawling and indexing pages. We will ensure that your website looks perfect on mobile devices to rank better.

Page Speed:

In the world of instant gratification, users need instant results. Therefore, if your website takes a 1-second delay to load, then 7% of people will leave your website. If your site takes more than 5 seconds, your bounce rate will be more than 16%.

It is clear that if your site’s load speed is low, then you are losing a significant number of leads. Experts like us have deep knowledge of how to improve the page speed and other improvements to make your website rank higher in search results.

Site Security:

According to Google, HTTPS protocol is the most important factor for the security of your website. Search engines consider site security important to rank your website in search results.

Robots.txt file:

Robots.txt file tells Google or any other search engine which page to crawl and which not to crawl. The robots.txt file should be set up correctly so that search engines can crawl and index your website.

What can Ideal Marketing do to improve the technical_SEO of your website?

Our SEO agency focuses on proven methods and tricks to improve the technical optimization of your site. We focus on data-driven and result-oriented campaigns to attract quality traffic and increase your revenue.

So, if you are looking for an agency with expertise in improving the SEO of your website at a competitive price, then welcome to Ideal Marketing. We help you achieve long-term profitable growth. Contact us now to increase your business leads.


William Parker
"These guys nailed it! Our website's SEO skyrocketed in weeks. Highly recommend their technical SEO wizardry."
William Parker
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Ella Garcia
"Incredible results! their tech SEO worked like magic. Traffic surge, rankings up!"
Ella Garcia
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Technical SEO improve my website's conversion rate?

Technical SEO improves the overall user experience by improving site speed, mobile-friendliness, and usability. When users have a positive experience on your site, they are more likely to convert, whether that means making a purchase, signing up, or engaging with your content.

What are the most common technical SEO issues specific to e-commerce websites?

E-commerce sites often face unique challenges like managing product pages, optimizing category structures, handling duplicate content, and ensuring secure online transactions. Effective Technical SEO addresses these issues to improve online sales.

How does Ideal Marketing approach Technical SEO for clients?

We begin with a comprehensive website audit to identify technical issues. Then, we implement solutions tailored to your site's needs, including optimizing site speed, fixing errors, and ensuring proper indexing.

How does Technical SEO work with content marketing efforts?

Technical SEO and content marketing are interlinked. A well-optimized technical foundation ensures that your valuable content is discoverable by search engines. It complements your content marketing strategy by improving visibility and driving organic traffic.

Are there any industry-specific Technical SEO strategies that you implement for clients?

Yes, we tailor Technical SEO strategies to the specific needs of your industry. For instance, e-commerce sites may require different strategies than healthcare or B2B websites. Our approach is customized to maximize your industry's SEO potential.

What is the significance of site architecture in Technical SEO?

Site architecture influences how search engines crawl and index your website. An effective architecture ensures that search engines can understand the hierarchy and relevance of your content, which can positively impact your rankings.

How do you stay updated with the latest SEO algorithm changes and updates?

We continuously monitor SEO industry trends, participate in webmaster forums, and engage with reputable SEO resources. Our team stays updated with search engine algorithm changes to ensure our strategies remain effective and compliant.

Can Technical SEO help improve website speed and performance?

Yes, Technical SEO plays a vital role in enhancing website speed and performance. By optimizing code, images, and server configurations, we can significantly boost your site's load times.

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